Become a provider today

Pickup new customers for free! As a LawnMo provider you'll be available to thousands of local customers searching for lawn maintenance companies just like yours at no cost to you! With an easy-to-use portal, route optimization tool, powerful CRM, and automatic invoicing, LawnMo is an all-in-one solution.

Built to make your job easier

LawnMo was designed by a lawn service business owner like you designed with solutions to the common operational pain points experienced by a lawn maintenance business.

Gain New Customers

Become visible in the LawnMo customer network.

Communicate with Ease

Message and store conversations with customers.

Simple Interface

Designed with simplicity from top to bottom.

How LawnMo Works


Route Optimization

Spend less time on the road, more time getting the job done.


Full CRM

All customer information organized into one easy to use dashboard.


Auto Invoice

Customers are charged up front, so payments will always be recieved.


Schedule Manager

Jobs appear on calendar automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download an app?

Only customers are required to download our app. Providers can sign up and operate our platform from any computer or browser.

How much does LawnMo cost?

LawnMo is a free platform to providers. LawnMo collects a small transaction fee from customers using the platform and paying for your services.

Is there a customer limit?

There is no limit to the amount of customers you service, invoice, and message through the LawnMo platform.

What services can I list?

LawnMo offers the ability to post MOST lawn related services including lawn mowing, tree trimming, edging, and more.